• Longer lasting lighting source
• Reduced electricity consumption
• Can utilize Direct or Alternating current
• Reduced demand on the environment
• Reduced CO2 emissions
• Cleaner quality light
• Variable light with no difficulty
• High light output
• Solid state illumination
• Easy retrofitting
Why would someone utilize an LED lighting source?
Longer lasting light
All lights lose their illumination over time, as the mercury gas is burnt up. A traditional fluorescent losing 40% light output after 12,000hrs. The LED light will lose 0.05% of the initial light output over the first 1,000hrs and remain constant for a minimum of 50,000hrs.

We only sell LED lighting products that have a durability of 50,000hrs. There are various companies that sell lower quality LED’s but these will only last 30,000hrs or a lot of time less. Many people will ask how we know the durability. All our lights are tested before sale under an age-testing test as well as an accelerated life test to confirm the durability of the LED’s that we insert into our lights.
Our products come with a standard 2 year guarantee. Few other companies offer this.
Cleaner Light
LED lights create light via the electricity passing through the diode; in layman’s terms they’re like electrical one-way only valves that glow instead of getting hot when a lot of pressure is put through them. These diodes are also sealed in resin to make them shock and waterproof. Opposed to the traditional filament bulb that rely on a very thin piece of wire strung between two poles that burn brightly when a current is passed through it, the wire burns continuously whilst giving off a lot of wasted heat, or causing a gas reaction in the case of the CFL.

The diode generates a different light wave length meaning that the light creates more light on the surface while generating a softer light on the eyes, reducing eye strain, increasing productivity. The difference at night or in low light areas is incredible – you will see colours truly represented as they are seen during day time.

LED lights give off no Ultraviolet or Infrared Emission.
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Variable light colour
LED’s allow us to offer different colours of white, or the full spectrum without changing the light bulbs or fixtures. We are able to program the LED’s to the colour we want to achieve by placing the small LED with the colour of desire.

By obtaining a higher light output will not require more electrical consumption as with traditional light sources, especially halogens.
What is Kelvin’s?
White light is measured in what is called Kelvin’s or colour temperature. You can depict the colour based on a flame. The hotter the flame the bluer the colour of the flame and the cooler the flame the more red and yellow the flame. Also compared against a day’s light during the time of day, morning light been more yellow against high noon.

Typically for shops and mails we will sell 4,500K and 5,500K as these colours are true white colour which in turn shows the true colour of the object been displayed, and 3,000K for more relaxed environments such as restaurants.

Most fluorescents in the market today are typically 3,500K, however for most retailers and show rooms the 5,500K is better suited due to the way our eyes perceive the light.
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